Top 10 Ray Ethnic dresses you can wear for both work & play!

Top 10 Ray Ethnic dresses you can wear for both work & play!


There, we said it. And we’re not going back on our word no matter what arguments you might have! Have you ever heard a girl say no to a dress? These breezy outfits ensure you feel comfortable, confident and look pretty every day.

And at Ray Ethnic, we create beautiful, breathable dresses that showcase some of the finest Indian ethnic designs and prints on it. You can waltz into the work-week wearing your favourite colours, or sport your best prints during an evening out with your best friends over dinner and drinks! Here are the 10 best Ray Ethnic dresses for you to flaunt your love for ethnic and style at work and play.


When you love your checks and your stripes and want both of them in your outfit, tell us at Ray Ethnic and we’ll make it happen for you! This solid-grey, A-line Cotton dress has clean checks print, which gets broken by the stripes on the sleeves and flares. What adds to its beauty are the hand-embroidered Red Tulips which give it a pleasing contrast. Wear it to work on a Monday morning, and in the evening you can head straight to your favourite café to catch up with your friends in the same outfit, with just an addition of a vibrant scarf or a pretty gold bracelet. SHOP NOW


Summer will be here soon, and before that, you must upgrade your wardrobe with the best and breezy outfits for the season. Look chic and feel comfortable in this green, sleeveless cotton stripes dress which keeps you cool and adds to your sass! ICYMI there’s a pretty Ixora flower hand-embroidered each on the flare of the dress and on the right lapel. This is the perfect dress for you to wear to work on summer days, or simply at home while chilling. SHOP NOW


“The perfect work-dress for women doesn’t exi….”

Just when someone was about to complete this sentence, we shut them up with this Light red and cream Cotton handloom dress by Ray Ethnic. What makes this dress exceptional are its dual-tone of colours with stripes, the front button-down design, formal collars, and POCKETS! The woven handloom fabric feels great on the skin, and it can be worn either as a single piece or on top of a lovely tube top of contrasting colours. Ideal for both work or a fun night out. SHOP NOW


The Cotton Stripes collection is one of our favourites, and we always suggest our customers have at least two of these in their wardrobe.

This one is a bit unique, for it doesn’t sport the Chinese or the regular collars, but a ruffled neckline, followed by tie-ups on the sleeves and a draw-string on the waist. This brown, green, and grey striped dress is made of yarn-dyed cotton. It has a button-down front on the top half, and a knee-length hemline, making it the perfect fusion of comfort and style. SHOP NOW


And if comfort comes at top of your list when it comes to dresses, then this is the one for you! While most part of the dress sport a mix of beige and red stripes, the sleeve-cuffs and shoulder backs are block red. The best outfit for Indian summers, which can be cruel with its heat at its peak. The cotton fabric makes it breathable and breezy, and its calm shades make it look beautiful and easy on the eye.

Oh, yes, this one has pockets too! Just like all our dresses. Because we know that one of the few things which make women happier are POCKETS on her dress! SHOP NOW


If someone ever told you that traditional and ethnic cannot be fashionable, then you must show them this dress and it will surely change their opinion. This elegant Ajarakh block printed dress is made with Modal Satin fabric. A great evening wear, this dress sports straight stripes in Maroon, Black, Indigo, and Beige colours. You can wear it as it is, or pair it with a fun belt to give it a nice fit and flow look. And to add to the glamour, wear a pair of chunky silver earrings along with it to complete the look. SHOP NOW


This dress is a beautiful mix of modern-day fashion and traditional ethnic designs. This knee-length Cotton dress comes with the traditional Ajarakh block print in Beige and Maroon, but what makes it unique are its tie-up sleeves, apple cut, and the collared neck. Also available in Blue and Maroon coloured print, this dress is another perfect evening outfit for you to wear for a casual hangout session with your girlfriends, or even on a date-night. Pair with solid red pumps and some classic gold hoops and get ready to turn heads. SHOP NOW


Can it get better than this? We don’t think so…

A beautiful fusion of modern and timeless designs, this soft Silk layered dress is where comfort meets style and glamour. While the top is made with soft Modal Silk fabric with beautiful paisley prints on a dull yellow, the layer beneath has detailed yellow and red stripes, blending in very well with each other. This dress may be considered a fancy evening or occasional wear, but hey, if looking fabulous at work is a crime, then arrest us for getting it started! Suitable for all body types, wear it with a pair of solid coloured fancy flat chappals and you’re good to go! SHOP NOW


Now, this is for those special ones whom people consider a bit odd, but we know they are nothing but awesome! An Ajarakh block printed Modal Silk dress with Mukesh work in Black and Green to bring out your boho-chic vibe. And what elevates the vibe of this dress to high fashion are the little details to it like the short-fitted sleeve, the free-flowing fall of the outfit, and the Mukeshwork on the neckline. Wear it on your fun weekend outings, a hangout sesh with your girls at home, or just on a regular day because you feel awesome, it will never disappoint you. SHOP NOW

We know, we have left you spoilt for choices. But guess what? That was our plan all along. Pick your favourites, or as we suggest, get all of them and feel great at work and play dressed in the fine fashion of Ray Ethnic. You can purchase them from our stores in your city or simply order them online here. SHOP NOW

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